Blinds by

Louvolite proudly design and UK manufactures high quality components and stylish fabrics for luxury window blinds.  Louvolite is recognised as a leading global supplier.

The entire fabric collection is available by order and localy assembled to required measurements

Choosing the right blind for you

When choosing blinds you have the ability to control the ambience, the level of privacy, and last but not least the ability to accent the décor.

We have the expirence to help you decide with what blind type will serve your needs best.

Roller Blinds

A roll of either transparent or thick fabric that rolls up and out of the way.

This is the most commonly used type of blind mostly prefered due to its practicality, convenience, and price.

Double Roller

Two layers of fabric with a repeated pattern of thick and net horizontal strips. When the two fabrics cross, the thick strips overlap the net strips to block transparency and direct sunlight.

Vertical Blinds

Sliding Panels

Venetian Blinds

The entire collection by Louvolite can be reviewed here and all samples are available in our store